“Rings” – view of a dartboard – was shortlisted in The Motif Collective international juried art competition “Colors” September 2018.

Available as prints via my website, and also in my Redbubble and Society6 shops, where it can be applied to various print-on-demand products including prints, posters, T-shirts, clocks, mugs, phone cases etc.

Red White Blue

“Red White Blue” – abstract photo of light shining across a louvre door, inverted (negative) and colour filled to produce a bold and unusual image – was a finalist in the Fusion.Art international juried art competition “Colorful Abstractions” October 2018.

Available as prints via my website, and also in my Redbubble and Society6 shops, where it can be applied to the various print-on-demand products they offer including prints, posters, T-shirts, clocks, mugs, phone cases etc.

I’m regularly uploading more images to these and my bravoalpha Redbubble shop which features slogan products using my images.

Perfect if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and I’m happy to discuss personalised and custom orders – get in touch here!


“Metropolis” – pavement tiles at the edge of a Pelican crossing (pedestrian crossing controlled by traffic lights) – was awarded Special Merit in the Light Space & Time international juried art competition “Patterns” October 2018. The low sun casting shadows from the raised bumps in the tile first caught my eye, but I also enjoy the combination of lines and regular pattern of circles, with the grit and sealant adding an element of chaos.

CIP Exhibition 2018

Just received the images from the Chania International Photo (CIP) Festival which ran from August 28 – September 5 and included my submission “The Party Is Over” – a random barrel on Catlow Lane, Manchester at the end of the night.

barrel manchester








“Chania International Photo festival has been created by Blank Wall Gallery. Its aim is to gather 350 photographers from around the world each year, turning the town of Chania into an international centre of artistic expression focusing on photography. At the same time, we aspire to make this festival the biggest photographic event, since this will be the first time that so many international artists will be exhibiting their work in Greece.”

Exhibition photo by Blank Wall Gallery and included here with their kind permission

More information on the Chania International Photo Exhibition webpage

RWB (Red White Blue)


An example from my ongoing “altered images” project. Original image of light shining across a louvre door – which I took as an abstract having been struck by the interesting combination of lines, angles and shades – inverted (negative image) and colour filled to produce a striking and unusual image.  I chose red, white and blue as the national flag colours of the UK and USA, the main markets I’m aiming at via my Redbubble and Society6 shops, where this design sits really well with the various print-on-demand products they offer.

Altered Images

Phantasma – inverted (negative image) version of “Haunted” [Abstracts]
Papillon d’Or – detail of metal mirror frame, inverted (negative image) and colourised

Having previously limited myself to minor edits like cropping and contrast I’ve recently been experimenting with the GIMP editor to transform some of my images, particularly enjoying the effects of inversion (negative image) and posterising (reduction in number of colours).

This was prompted by an “altered images” competition which I ultimately abandoned when I realised it was more aimed at “photoshopping” random objects into scenes or making the sky green and the grass blue.  I prefer more abstract images and the use of alterations to create unique and striking effects based on otherwise ordinary scenes.

I’ve also been taking the results to bring new life into my Redbubble and Society6 shops, as I find many of these images lend themselves perfectly to various print-on-demand products, alongside my other representational images.

I’m building up my portfolio on both sites before I do a marketing push to hopefully drive some significant sales…

Redbubble soitwouldseem wall art, phone cases, cushions, mugs, clocks etc

Redbubble bravoalpha slogan T-shirts, stickers, mugs etc using my images

Society6 soitwouldseem wall art, phone cases, stickers, pillows etc (US-based site; if you’re in the UK I advise using Redbubble to avoid customs charges)

This all being a relatively new direction for me I have updated my Portfolio pages on this site accordingly, with “Abstract Images” replacing “Minimalism and Macro” (moved all the content to other portfolio pages).

A fascinating journey!

Arthink Book Photo Contest

Un’opera da esporre un libro da conservare (A work to exhibit a book to preserve)

My entry “Into The Dream”, based on my image “Out Of Obscurity” – I’m sure Pink Floyd fans will recognise the references 🙂 – has been selected from 213 entries in the First Arthink Book Photo Contest as one of the 60 to be included in their permanent A-Book Photo collection

A different challenge, this one – Arthink specialises in “Format innovativi per la diffusione delle arti visuali” (“Innovative formats for the dissemination of visual arts”) – what they call “picture books” or “Art Books” containing images in three sections which “can, if necessary, be closed and stored in a bookshop; when it is open it becomes a painting, a work of art.”  Works can be three individual photos linked together to tell a story, or a single image which lends itself to the format; long/tall and narrow and convenient to split into three parts, either horizontally or vertically

The First Arthink Book Photo Contest ran from May 20-July 22, with “the A-Book format dedicated to photographers, conceived and produced by the same publishing house along the lines of the A-Book Image designed for Artists and illustrators.  60 works have been identified that will permanently enter the A-Book Photo collection, which will be promoted on our social networks and on the site; temporary exhibitions are also scheduled, which we will give more information soon.”

In the meantime, the Art Book featuring my image is available to purchase: https://arthink-editions.com/en/works/c172/ ; the page also includes my description of the photo in English and translated by Arthink into Italian