“Prologue” – start (“Prologue”) of the Tour de France in a very wet Utrecht, Netherlands; for added effect made monochrome except for the rider (a new technique for me and a lot of fun) – awarded Special Merit in the Light Space & Time “10th Anniversary” competition July 2020

Leaf Bones

My entry “Leaf Bones” – a leaf skeleton that set against a blue fabric background almost looks like a piece of fine gold jewellery – one of the finalists through to the voting stage of the London Photo Festival July “Macro” competition


2,000th sale on POD yesterday, a Triumph TR4 on a T-shirt 🙂

Almost exactly a year ago I was celebrating my 50th sale – come a long way since then, and it’s a fun ride making these designs. Most of my sales are on T-shirts with a variety of other products including hoodies, sweatshirts, blankets, cushions, masks, posters, cases, mugs, stickers and greeting cards.

Fascinating to see my designs on different products and I am still thrilled by every sale – as always my thanks to everyone who has made a purchase and I hope you enjoy them!

One Year On

Last year I made my first Print-On-Demand sale of a classic car outline drawing on a T-shirt, a Hillman Imp (first car I ever owned) – 12 months and 265 vehicle designs later I’ve just made my 1,750th sale, appropriately enough a different model of Hillman Imp 🙂

As ever my thanks to everyone who has parted with their cash in exchange for one of my designs, I hope you enjoy them!


On March 13 someone posted a spoof product page to one of the POD forums showing masks for sale with various designs printed on them, and the comment “what POD will look like a few weeks from now”. It received much amused reaction.

Of course it came true… both Redbubble and Teepublic now include masks in their portfolios. I wasn’t sure my car outlines would go that well on masks but most have shapes that fit the format, and I’ve sold quite a few including several “sets” (black-on-white and white-on-black in the same order).

Most recent sales a Triumph TR6, Triumph Dolomite and a Rover P5 T and mask combo 🙂

Street Art

“Jealousy” has been shortlisted to the voting stage of the London Photo Festival April “Street Art” competition – not having thousands of Facebook followers to lean on for votes (and even if I did, I wouldn’t) I don’t have high hopes, but it’s nice to be selected 🙂

I spotted this when I was out for a walk in my local area. Spray painted on the end wall of a row of houses, clearly using a stencil in best “Banksy” style, I find it intriguing how a previous iteration appears to have been covered up, or is it perhaps part of the design?

Teepublic Master

Back in November I received an email from Teepublic “Based on your sales, you’re now in the top 25% of sellers on TeePublic! That means you’ve reached our special Master status of designers.” – in recognition they sent me a gift of a book with my best selling design on the front. At the time that just happened to be a 1938 Chevy Master (based on a photo I took at the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum), very apt.

The email also said “I’d love to see you reach our next designer tier soon, Virtuoso, which is our top 10%.” I had just gone past 200 sales on Teepublic. Now on 543, evidently not yet enough for the next level but still pretty happy with that.

In the current situation it’s hard to pay much attention to POD, it’s hardly a priority. I should probably be using the time to create new designs, but the mood isn’t there. Sales have dropped to a trickle; MBA (Amazon) has shut down their print business as they concentrate on shipping essential goods, Teepublic and Redbubble are still operational (POD being their core business) but remains to be seen how long they can keep it going.

Stay safe, and wash your hands!


jubilee bridge london

“Jubilee” – the superstructure of the Jubilee Bridge across the River Thames in London on a glorious summer day, clear blue sky perfectly complementing the white of the bridge – has been shortlisted to the voting stage of the London Photo Festival March “Bridges” competition

All shortlisted entries can be seen here: Bridges