All images on this site (except where noted in my blog, publications and exhibitions pages) have been created by me using Canon digital cameras, scaled down to 800×600 for display purposes; all line drawings created by me using the Gimp editor and scaled down to 900×900 for display purposes

My copyright is retained in all images and drawings; most are available to order as prints or on products in various formats

Currently based in the north west of England after many years in various interesting places, I have a lifelong fascination with photography, from early stages using a variety of 126 and 110 negative film compact cameras, graduating through 35mm manual and semi-automatic SLRs into the digital age, developing skills and techniques along the way

Largely self-taught, my subjects are diverse and wide-ranging, often driven by spontaneous, instinctive attraction to enigmatic images from everyday life; my work aims to be contemplated and savoured rather than clinically analysed. My photographic philosophy is “explore, experiment and excel, but above all, enjoy”

I am particularly inspired by abstract, minimalism, shadow and silhouette, communicating primarily through form, texture, contrast and colour rather than representation, and have recently been experimenting with “altered images”, enjoying the effects of inversion (negative image), posterising (reduction of number of colours), etc

My series of “glitches” epitomises my photography; when my trusty ixus 90is developed a sensor fault, rather than repair or replace it much experimentation allowed me to create a series of extraordinary and unique abstract images, transforming ordinary subjects into fascinating shapes and colours

I also enjoy the challenge of creating entries specifically for various international online competitions, expanding my horizons and improving my skills, however since May 2019 my photography has been on the back burner as I’ve been concentrating on creating line drawings of classic vehicles as content for products in my Print-On-Demand stores


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