Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Will my print have a watermark?

No, I remove any watermarks before sending the image to the printer. Watermarks are there on website images to assert my copyright and discourage theft of my work. My prints are usually open numbered (20yy/nn) editions, signed discreetly on the front bottom corner; if you need an unsigned print please let me know before finalising your order.

Why do the colours on my print not exactly match what I saw on my screen?

It isn’t possible to get a perfect match because of the different technologies: the screen creates an image from pixels of emitted light, the printer uses dyes and pigments to fix an image on paper or canvas; printed images almost always appear darker as well. Even two screens are unlikely to display exactly the same, due to technology and calibration differences.

Will my prints fade over time?

My prints are produced by a professional print shop using lightfast inks – if kept in favourable conditions, not tampered with or damaged, and with proper mounting your print is expected to retain its original condition, without fading or discolouration, for at least one hundred years. To protect your print, never display it in direct sunlight.

Can I personalise a print with a name or quote or other text?

I’m happy to personalise prints where possible, ie if there is space and the artistic integrity of the image isn’t affected. Similarly I may be able to adjust cropping and colours on some images. Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can do!

Is this site secure?

My site uses SSL (hence the https address and lock icon in the address bar), a standard security protocol which ensures that data transmitted between your browser and the web server is encrypted and your communication remains confidential.

Can I return my print if I’m not happy with it?

Normally I don’t accept returns, as most of my prints are made on demand and custom printed for your order. However, it is important to me that you are happy with your purchase and if you are not satisfied after receiving your print let me know within 7 days of receipt and I will work with you to find an amicable resolution.