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Let Me Stay

“Let Me Stay” – a “Devil’s Ivy” (Golden Pothos) plant peering from behind the blind on our landing window, lit from below to create the shadow – was selected from entries in the “Still Life” competition for inclusion in issue #99 February-March 2020 of F-Stop Magazine (“an online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers from around the world”)

1,000th POD sale

My 1,000th POD sale – Rover P5B on a black Classic T 🙂

As anticipated by people who have been doing POD for some years November and December were stellar months. My sales had been building up steadily since I stumbled upon my niche of “classic vehicle outlines” in May, reaching 75 for the month of October. Almost tripled in November with 208 sales, and doubled again with 405 sales in December!

Had some great reviews too, one of my favourites being on Amazon for my IH Scout II design on a hoodie, titled “Well-received gift”: “Hubs loved this shirt. Very unique and understated, which he prefers”. Fantastic, unique and understated is exactly what I’m aiming for.

I now have 483 designs listed, 313 vehicles and the rest photos and miscellaneous. So far in 2020 I’ve made 81 sales, bringing me up to this milestone today 🙂 Looking forward to a productive year!

Chevy Master

Outline line drawing of a 1938 Chevrolet Master 2-door sedan, based on my photo of the example in the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum (UAE). Really happy with the way this one turned out:

Just sold on an XL Art Print, my 700th POD sale 🙂 I didn’t have time to post about my 500th and 600th sales as I was so busy creating content ready for the anticipated Christmas rush, which has arrived as promised – 208 sales in November (compared to 75 in October) and 183 already in December

As always my thanks to everyone who has spent money on one of my designs, very much appreciated!

Scout II

IH (International Harvester) Scout II line drawing – my POD best seller (10% of total sales) 😁

I’ve been very busy creating new line drawings of classic cars and trucks – and the occasional bike and aircraft 🙂 – and just made my 300th sale. As ever my thanks to everyone who has bought one!


200th POD (Print On Demand) sale today, Dodge Durango outline on an asphalt T-shirt

It took 269 days to make my first 100 POD sales, just 47 for the second hundred – after a slow start doing better every month and learning a lot along the way. So much so that I spent most of August updating my earlier designs, evidently a phase many of us go through!

My sincere thanks as ever to everyone who has bought one of my works, very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy them 🙂

This particular design based on a Durango I owned for a couple of years in Bahrain, the perfect car for me in that place at that time, very fond memories of it