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Some new prints in stock ready for immediate dispatch, received back from exhibitions at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens:

#Manchester – a view of Market Street in Manchester – from the “Cityscape” exhibition March 16-29, 2018 and Piastrellato – detail of a tiled roof in Anghiari, Italy – from the “Moments of Color” exhibition June 29 – July 12, 2018

CIP Exhibition 2018

Just received the images from the Chania International Photo (CIP) Festival which ran from August 28 – September 5 and included my submission “The Party Is Over” – a random barrel on Catlow Lane, Manchester at the end of the night.

barrel manchester








“Chania International Photo festival has been created by Blank Wall Gallery. Its aim is to gather 350 photographers from around the world each year, turning the town of Chania into an international centre of artistic expression focusing on photography. At the same time, we aspire to make this festival the biggest photographic event, since this will be the first time that so many international artists will be exhibiting their work in Greece.”

Exhibition photo by Blank Wall Gallery and included here with their kind permission

More information on the Chania International Photo Exhibition webpage

It’s A Life… Is Live

On April 1, 2017, I participated in the “A Day In The Life of Manchester” project, a social experiment aimed at documenting 24 hours in the life of the modern day city.

The captured photos – including several of mine – have been used to create a mosaic paying “tribute to Mancunian icon, Emmeline Pankhurst, who received the most votes in our poll.

The wonderful piece of artwork has now been created by artist Nathan Wyburn and will be on proud display in Manchester Corn Exchange from tomorrow. It will remain there for the foreseeable future and you are all invited to view the artwork.

Most impressive how the artist has created the portrait using only the photos. I’m hoping to get to the Corn Exchange this Friday to view the real thing, in the meantime here’s how it looks, with one of my contributions highlighted (image courtesy of the organisers and included here with their permission):

More information on the project at https://www.cartridgesave.co.uk/printwhatmatters/dayinthelife/

The Party Is Over (it isn’t)

barrel manchester

“The Party Is Over” – a random barrel on Catlow Lane, Manchester at the end of the night – has been selected by the jury as one of the winners of the Chania International Photography Exhibition competition, to be printed and displayed in the exhibition at the Chania Center of the Mediterranean Architecture (CAM) from August 28 – September 5, 2018

This is the fourth image from my trip to Manchester with Chris in February to succeed in a competition, I’ve told him he should set up a business as a photography tour guide 🙂 He spotted this up a side street as we walked past and the scene was so perfect it only took one shot to capture it, probably my favourite image of the year so far


manchester airport aircraft wing shadow

“Flight” – shadow of an aircraft wing on the taxiway at Manchester Airport, taken from LH0346 bound for Frankfurt – has been selected as one of the winners of the Praxis Gallery International Juried Photography competition to be printed and displayed in their “The Abstract Image” exhibition June 1 – June 27, 2018.

“Praxis Gallery presents photographic works that explore the world through an abstracted lens; utilizing elements of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and line to express meaning outside of traditional representational and documentary styles of photography.”

Very pleased to have one of my images selected; there are some superb shots in this exhibition, one of my favourite styles of photography. Juror’s Choice, Honorable Mentions and Directors Choice winners will be notified on May 31, 2018 – fingers crossed!