Results and news from competition entries


“Prologue” – start (“Prologue”) of the Tour de France in a very wet Utrecht, Netherlands; for added effect made monochrome except for the rider (a new technique for me and a lot of fun) – awarded Special Merit in the Light Space & Time “10th Anniversary” competition July 2020

Leaf Bones

My entry “Leaf Bones” – a leaf skeleton that set against a blue fabric background almost looks like a piece of fine gold jewellery – one of the finalists through to the voting stage of the London Photo Festival July “Macro” competition

Primary Colors

“Stripes” – light and shadow falling across a louvre door, rotated, inverted (negative image) and colour filled with red, blue, yellow and white – awarded Honorable Mention (top 15) in the Light Space & Time July 2020 competition “Primary Colors” photography and digital category

Street Art

“Jealousy” has been shortlisted to the voting stage of the London Photo Festival April “Street Art” competition – not having thousands of Facebook followers to lean on for votes (and even if I did, I wouldn’t) I don’t have high hopes, but it’s nice to be selected 🙂

I spotted this when I was out for a walk in my local area. Spray painted on the end wall of a row of houses, clearly using a stencil in best “Banksy” style, I find it intriguing how a previous iteration appears to have been covered up, or is it perhaps part of the design?


jubilee bridge london

“Jubilee” – the superstructure of the Jubilee Bridge across the River Thames in London on a glorious summer day, clear blue sky perfectly complementing the white of the bridge – has been shortlisted to the voting stage of the London Photo Festival March “Bridges” competition

All shortlisted entries can be seen here: Bridges

Let Me Stay

“Let Me Stay” – a “Devil’s Ivy” (Golden Pothos) plant peering from behind the blind on our landing window, lit from below to create the shadow – was selected from entries in the “Still Life” competition for inclusion in issue #99 February-March 2020 of F-Stop Magazine (“an online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers from around the world”)