A page devoted to a particular topic, for example “behind the lens” illustrating how images are created

Lockdown Art

So my grand plan for this year was to visit as many classic car and truck shows as I could for inspiration and material to make more line drawings of vintage vehicles. It was a good plan…

Since all the shows have now been cancelled, I’ve been looking at objects on my daily walk for anything I can use to create abstract images as a basis for POD products. A surprisingly rich source of complex patterns and textures is to be found on drain covers! With a little tweaking – usually starting with inversion (negative image) – the results can be quite pleasing 🙂

Above the original images, post editing and what one of them looks like on a selection of POD products in my soitwouldseem shops on Teepublic, Redbubble and Society6

RWB (Red White Blue)


An example from my ongoing “altered images” project. Original image of light shining across a louvre door – which I took as an abstract having been struck by the interesting combination of lines, angles and shades – inverted (negative image) and colour filled to produce a striking and unusual image.  I chose red, white and blue as the national flag colours of the UK and USA, the main markets I’m aiming at via my Redbubble and Society6 shops, where this design sits really well with the various print-on-demand products they offer.

Glitches – Behind The Lens

I create the series of images I call “Glitches” using my trusty old Canon Ixus 90is – one day the sensor on it went haywire, as some of them do, transforming ordinary scenes into weirdly fascinating abstract images, an opportunity for experimentation.

I’ve put together a “behind the lens” page showing a few of these images alongside the original subject, to give an insight into the process: Glitches – Behind The Lens