Publications where my work has been (or will be) published:

September 2018 Arthink A-Book Photo Collection

Un’opera da esporre un libro da conservare (A work to exhibit a book to preserve)

My entry “Into The Dream”, based on my image “Out Of Obscurity” – I’m sure Pink Floyd fans will recognise the references 🙂 – has been selected from 213 entries in the First Arthink Book Photo Contest as one of the 60 to be included in their permanent A-Book Photo collection

Arthink specialises in “Format innovativi per la diffusione delle arti visuali” (“Innovative formats for the dissemination of visual arts”) – what they call “picture books” or “Art Books” containing images in three sections which “can, if necessary, be closed and stored in a bookshop; when it is open it becomes a painting, a work of art.”  Works can be three individual photos linked together to tell a story, or a single image which lends itself to the format; long/tall and narrow and convenient to split into three parts, either horizontally or vertically

The Art Book featuring my image is available to purchase: – the page also includes my description of the photo in English and translated by Arthink into Italian.


August-September 2018 F-Stop Magazine “Land, Sea, Air” issue

“Airport” (coming in to land at New Zealand’s Queenstown Airport, in a Cessna 206), “Lagoon” (water taxi from Venice across the Lagoon out to the airport) and “Flight” (shadow of an aircraft wing at Manchester Airport) – selected from entries in the “Land, Sea, Air” competition for inclusion in the August-September 2018 issue of F-Stop Magazine (“an online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers from around the world.”)

May 2018 Get Inspired Magazine “Summits” photobook

photobook summitsglen affric scotland

“Glen Affric” – the Highlands of Scotland, about 15 miles west of Loch Ness, in typical April weather. This image was a winner in the Get Inspired magazine “Summits” challenge (all about Mountain photography), which ran from March 2 to May 2, 2018

25 photos, including this one of mine, were chosen from all the entries and published in a hardcover book, available to order via my reseller link: buy the Summits book

Book images above left courtesy of Get Inspired magazine