100th POD sale

Just made my 100th POD (Print On Demand) sale, a 1961 Morris Minor outline on a T-shirt

After a slow start it’s picking up nicely. Perseverance pays off! My monthly sales to date this year: 1,1,3,6,9,25,43 and so far 11 in the first 4 days of August. Mainly classic car outlines although some of my photos have sold as well. My top sites are Teepublic, Redbubble and Amazon Merch

My sincere thanks to everyone who has bought one of my works, very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy them. I’m delighted by every sale, that someone liked my work enough to pay to have it printed on clothing, wall art, phone cases and so on. You are all awesome 🙂

Thanks also for the various comments I’ve received, one from Australia sums up what my designs are about: “Simple but great, stands out to all who know the vehicle” – I deliberately don’t add any text, I let the image do the talking. I can’t respond to comments on POD sites as they are anonymous, but I do read them and hereby my thanks!

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