Arthink Book Photo Contest

Un’opera da esporre un libro da conservare (A work to exhibit a book to preserve)

My entry “Into The Dream”, based on my image “Out Of Obscurity” – I’m sure Pink Floyd fans will recognise the references 🙂 – has been selected from 213 entries in the First Arthink Book Photo Contest as one of the 60 to be included in their permanent A-Book Photo collection

A different challenge, this one – Arthink specialises in “Format innovativi per la diffusione delle arti visuali” (“Innovative formats for the dissemination of visual arts”) – what they call “picture books” or “Art Books” containing images in three sections which “can, if necessary, be closed and stored in a bookshop; when it is open it becomes a painting, a work of art.”  Works can be three individual photos linked together to tell a story, or a single image which lends itself to the format; long/tall and narrow and convenient to split into three parts, either horizontally or vertically

The First Arthink Book Photo Contest ran from May 20-July 22, with “the A-Book format dedicated to photographers, conceived and produced by the same publishing house along the lines of the A-Book Image designed for Artists and illustrators.  60 works have been identified that will permanently enter the A-Book Photo collection, which will be promoted on our social networks and on the site; temporary exhibitions are also scheduled, which we will give more information soon.”

In the meantime, the Art Book featuring my image is available to purchase: ; the page also includes my description of the photo in English and translated by Arthink into Italian


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