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new in postcards :
- first frost and summer stars finalists in "seasons" dec 2017
- pollen raider
special recognition in light space & time "nature" nov 2017
- the two seas (al-bahrayn) special recognition in light space & time "seascapes" oct 2017
- spirits of st. leonards shortlisted in motif collective "black & white" sep 2017

- post office dog special recognition in light space & time "open" sep 2017
- all you can see finalist in "skies" sep 2017
- summer is coming honourable mention and exhibit alverton gallery "month of may" jun 2017
- grand st bernard winner bob books photo of the month "landscapes" may 2017

new in motorsport :
- not for highway use, dusty included in swift gallery 2017 open exhibition (may-nov)

new in projects :

- [abstracts] blue for you and assimilation special merit in light space & time "patterns" dec 2017
- [abstracts] piastrellato best in show contemporary art gallery online "all colors" nov 2017
- [abstracts] up in the air (piastrellato) finalist in "colorful abstractions" nov  2017
- [minimalism] airport shortlisted in motif collective "minimalism" competition oct 2017
- [abstracts] added eleven, perseverance and feathers
- [minimalism] added golden jubilee bridge
- [macro] transition shortlisted in london photo festival "macro" competition aug 2017
- [abstracts] a conflict of interest in blank wall gallery "moments of color" exhibition apr-may 2017
- [abstracts] kaleidoscope special recognition in light space & time "abstracts" mar 2017


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